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4 September
Carolina Red Flake w. Perique + Sansepolcro + Sun Bear Three small batch additions from Cornell & Diehl available

11 May
Spark Plug from Gregory Pease available

23 December
We are moving: New offices (just cross the street) now Via Leoncavallo 14

Contact Info
Synjeco SA
Pipes and Tobaccos
Via Leoncavallo 14
P.O.Box 742
6614 Brissago, Switzerland

Phone: +41 (0)91 793 1365
Fax: +41 (0)91 793 2716

About Us

The Company

Synjeco SA, a company based in the southern part of Switzerland, was established in 1941 by Mr. Hans Schneider. While Synjeco is primarily known in Switzerland as wholesaler of precious, semi-precious and synthetic stones, it has over the years equally successfully gotten involved in other activities. One of these activities is the import, export and distribution of first-class pipe tobaccos, hand and machine made tobacco pipes from a wide range of countries, and a substantial assortment of smoking accessories. All the tobacco samples your tongue can take are offered for free smoking "on-site"! Visitors are always welcome upon previous agreement.

We are glad and honored to offer our products, and above all, services and expertise to our fellow pipe smokers online.

Who's Who at Synjeco

Daniel Schneider


My name is Daniel. I was born on the Lago Maggiore in Switzerland, on February 23, 1962.
After the primary school in Brissago and the college in Ascona, I obtained a M Sc. from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich, in October 1988.
After different engineering and management jobs, I started working for Synjeco SA, as General Manager.

I was 15 years old when I first decided to smoke a pipe; I then made use of my father's (not in use) pipe, filled with sun-dried grass. The "operation" was more than pleasant as far as the taste was concerned, so that I soon found out a way to try "real" tobacco...

After a period during which I smoked cigarettes (but never forgetting my pipes), I decided to become a full-time pipe smoker! My favourite pipe shape is the Canadian, followed by Billards. Some freehands and bents also take a place in my collection, but are perhaps not so smoked often enough... My preferred tobaccos are pressed Natural Virginias (maybe with Perique), but I don't disregard English mixtures with Latakia.

Agnieszka Schneider


I was born in Inowrocław in Poland, on 3 February 1981. After the primary school in Inowrocław and the Sacré Coeur in Pobiedziska, I obtained a diploma in Technology of Food and Chemistry from the Akademia Rolnicza in Poznań, in June 2005. In October 2005 I met my husband Daniel at the world championship in pipesmoking in Poznań and I join him in Brissago, where I am working with him for Synjeco SA since 2006.

I was 21 years old when my best friend invited me to the meeting of the Pipe Collector Club in Poznań (KKFP). There I start my contacts with the pipesmoker world: the president Henryk Rogalski and the other members of the club transmitted me them passion for pipesmoking, so that I tried my first pipe...

My preferred shapes are phantasy and freehand shapes from all over the world, but also classic Billiards (not to small). I often participate at smoking contests in Switzerland, Poland, Italy, France, USA, etc. whenever I have the opportunity. My preferred tobaccos are light aromatics but sometimes also modern English mixtures (with very little Latakia).

What makes this site special

As pipe smokers, we have strived to offer you features that we have often wished to have in other pipe and tobacco sites. The following are some of these features:

  • Every single staff member is a confirmed, and devoted, pipe smoker. Our focal point is to help you find a quality product at a reasonable price and with pre- and after-purchase support.
  • Every single pipe, pipe tobacco, and smoking accessory on this site has been chosen individually by the staff.
  • Among the pipe brands offered on sale here are: Strambach (largest choice online), Mastro De Paja, Don Carlos, Moretti, Bjarne, Brebbia, Butz Choquin, Genod, Courrieu, Turkish Meerschaum, etc.
  • We offer you insights into the pipe making world, thanks to our personal contact with some of the world's leading pipe makers.
  • You can choose from a selection of more than 75 bulk/loose tobaccos and more than 100 tinned tobaccos, made by some of the world's finest blenders.
  • We offer a tobacco for every taste: English with Latakia, Modern English Blends (with Black Cavendish and/or Burley), Pressed Virginias (flakes, 6-inch flakes, slices, twists, and plugs), Flavored/Scented (Aromatic) tobaccos, all based on 100% natural flavorings.
  • You are shown a photo of each single tobacco. We believe that tobaccos can be (and are) in the first place enjoyed by the eyes.
  • The ingredient tobaccos are mentioned in straightforward terms, whenever possible, and also a comment is provided, based on our own personal experience of smoking the tobacco.
  • For those who prefer short cuts, we offer a Pipe Gallery per each pipe brand. If you opt for the "Pipe Gallery", you'll be shown a page that contains thumbnails of all the pipes available within that particular brand.
  • A minimum of two photos are provided per each pipe (sometimes, up to 5 photos): You can see BOTH sides of the pipe. One photo has a background in square inches, while the other in square centimeters.
  • The weight of each pipe is given in both ounces and grams.
  • Articles that Tarek has written, based on his first-hand knowledge of the Italian pipe making scene, in particular, are also made available on our "Insights" page.
  • A FAQ section offers answers to questions often raised by both novice as well as expert pipe smokers.

In short, we guarantee you fast and competent correspondence and service. Being pipe smokers ourselves, we understand quite a bit about pipes, tobaccos, pipe smoking and of course, pipe smokers.
We just hope you let us prove it!!